The Red Series ~ Mark James Pullin

The Colour Red has always seemed to be a signature colour of mine. So why Red? Why does this elusive colour and it's many hues affected me throughout the years...
Red is the colour of passion, energy, and action. It promotes a physical attraction which awakens my thoughts and imagination. This colour is famous for its ability to stimulate thought and the passions within us. Positive and negative. It is used to express love. It is used to express hate and danger. Red is used as a propaganda tool for war and power. Its symbolic traits relate to that of a fragile rose, of blood, death, fear, courage, the vibrant, the resentful and even our secret desires. And finally symbolic of the heart and soul, the fire inside connecting human imagination, demanding the eyes attention and the reality we live in today.

Mark J Pullin

"There is only one thing I fear in life, my friend: One day, the black will swallow the red". Mark Rothko

Broken Sunset - Mixed Media on Canvas

The Rebirth - Mixed Media on Canvas
Stimulus - Mixed Media on Canvas
Choir of Angels - Mixed Media on Canvas
Cupid and the Devil - Mixed Media on Canvas
The Cardinals - Mixed Media on Canvas
Ernesto's Way - Mixed Media on Canvas
Star Crossed - Mixed Media on Canvas
This Modern Love - Mixed Media on Canvas
Heart of a Deity - Mixed Media on Canvas

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