Mark James Pullin

finding intense emotion in marks and lines

I am a maker of paintings and my imagery deals with emotion. The capacity of simple forms and marks to connect either literally or symbolically with my personal past events and memories is of particular importance. I find something intensely emotional in the process of marks and lines that my be scraped, roughly painted surfaces and shapes. The presence of shape and colour, their influence on mood and latent energy emerges out of a physical engagement with the medium of paint.

Mark J Pullin

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Secret Summer

This collection of paintings has been mostly hidden away. Another bout of illness struck me, and the only way through this was to paint for me, and only for me. Self therapy without the outside pressures or deadlines to influence my healing.

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The Red Series

The Colour Red has always seemed to be a signature colour of mine. So why Red? Why does this elusive colour and it's many hues affected me throughout the years...

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Coastal Walks, 2018

The brutal winter months, dark and short days spirituality affect my creative process. This is my attempt to 'defy' the darkness that troubles my mood or depressive state. However, there is no shadow without light....

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Disposition of Light 2017

What is the journey? What is my search? All artists have this dilemma. My journey is my emotions, which is my identity. I can only show this through my paintings. Once created, the images become a historical fingerprint of mood, frozen in time....

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Coastal Walks

After a long period of isolation due to illness, I was taken to a nature reserve which was surrounded by miles of landscape, protected and untouched. These photos are from the 'Conwy Nature Reserve' again along the North Welsh Coast. I felt projected inside another world full of Colour, history, emotion, and this alien light that I had briefly lost. The creative energy inspired by my surroundings took over immediately. I was left consumed by the beauty of a virgin landscape full of life, and over 4 thousand years old. This was real medicine for my recovery. As a result, these images somehow reflect the agony I was feeling, yet the revival of my inner self when life opened up again....

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Balance the Stigma

The paintings are dark, their backgrounds silent. By using colour as a metaphor for my daily feelings and thoughts, an injection of emotional energy lights up the calmness beneath.

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The Empirical of Light

This series is based on pure emotion, pure colour, and self indulgence. And why not....Let's celebrate in its natural state.
There are no limits here, no rules only passion for the colours that resides in my soul. I want the viewer to become intoxicated by the compositions. Great art is a spiritual experience, both in creation and contemplation.

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Endless Odyssey

I imagined that I painted these images from above us all. Looking down towards our earth within the atmosphere.

At present, we are living in difficult times in our history. However, as if looking down from a satellite, we see that the planet is a most perfect, beautiful place through naked eyes. And of course this is true. But once again, I contradict the subject, to reveal the continuous human conflict on this earth but which can also emotionally affect us with its natural beauty. Unfortunately only a few can see what lies beneath....

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Mark James Pullin Exhibition at Llyfrgelloedd Conwy Libraries

Local artist Mark James Pullin is exhibiting some of his paintings at the Llyfrgelloedd Conwy Libraries. The exhibition will run until September 30th. Here are pictures of the preparation and exhibit and a few of the paintings being exhibited. If you are in the area, please stop by to admire Mark Pullin's art.

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Colour Fractures

This series focuses on Colour and it's ability to attach and heal when the soul is at it's lowest ebb.

Since being diagnosed which Unipolar Depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorder or (GAD), painting and the study of mark making has been my only allies to fight back. The daily struggle has become a personal war against fear and self doubt. However, no matter what I feel, depression will not steal my identity as a painter, or a colourist which is what the illness wants....

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Colour Within the Shadow

This series of paintings, for me, is an extension of the Eulogy of the Species images. It is obvious to me that this progression towards the same theme has become more energetic, simplified and physical.

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Echo's across the Coast - Mark J Pullin Photography

Colour is still the leading study here. As a painter, I simply cannot ignore the hypnotic light that impeaches the North Welsh Coast and the historical towns that inhabit it...

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Conflicting Memories

By using wasted and failed paintings that have been cut up and collected over time, I piece the discarded back together again. This gives the art a huge emotional sense of re birth which is recycled and reincarnated into a new image of beauty. Thus escaping the suffering, I am using the accident to my advantage.
In conclusion, the paintings become reinvented, re born, and evolved into a composition that satisfies me and my studies between man and nature.

Echoes of Dust
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Eulogy of the Species

Using nature and its many forms to express emotional energy. Man and nature are in conflict. Only a proportion of humans respect our world, the other proportion of humans seem to destroy the beauty of nature, either by conflict or by influencing our climate etc. The irony though is that 'Man' is nature, 'i am nature' quoting Pollock.....I want to explore this distance between the two points. As well as exploring the emotions, sensations, colour and shapes which can transcend to the viewer, through the art of nature and its beauty.

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About Mark James Pullin Art

I'm self taught artist and studied at Chester and Liverpool University and graduated with full honorary Degree in fine art. My teacher's at the time were John Renshaw, and Iwan Parry both Royal Academy of arts. My imagery deals with emotion, with the capacity to create simple forms and marks to connect symbolically with past events in my life or memories of particular importance. I find something intensely emotional in the process of making marks, lines or shapes that maybe scraped, surfaces bold and roughly painted shapes. The presence of shape and colour, their influence on mood and latent energy emerges out of a physical engagement within the medium of paint.

Mark James Pullin Biography

Mark James Pullin

Born in on the coast of North Wales, the surrounding Irish Sea and mountains have made a profound impact growing up. I draw my ideas and influences from events and places in and around the local area.
After leaving art college, I studied Art and Design for a few years then graduated with a Bachelor's Degree with honours from Liverpool University. I achieved this by studying with such well established artist such as Iwan Parry (RCA) and professor John Renshaw from the Royal Academy of arts.
Now I commit to work at home, back by the coast with my little daughter, working in a small studio.

Painters of the New York School, especially the work of Robert Motherwell and Rothko have had a huge impact. The abstract expressionist movements philosophy impacts my own practice. Issues of spirituality and notions of the 'self' are concepts I continue to explore. I paint without knowing what the outcome will be, I let the painting evolve naturally, I do what 'it' wants me to do. I paint subconsciously until the end when a composition starts to appear and work for me.

Mark J Pullin

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