Coastal Walks ~ Mark James Pullin

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"After a long period of isolation due to illness, I was taken to a nature reserve which was surrounded by miles of landscape, protected and untouched. These photos are from the 'Conwy Nature Reserve' again along the North Welsh Coast. I felt projected inside another world full of Colour, history, emotion, and this alien light that I had briefly lost. The creative energy inspired by my surroundings took over immediately. I was left consumed by the beauty of a virgin landscape full of life, and over 4 thousand years old. This was real medicine for my recovery. As a result, these images somehow reflect the agony I was feeling, yet the revival of my inner self when life opened up again."

Mark J Pullin

'Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better'
~ Albert Einstein.

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The Lapis Mirror

Silver Ghosts

Havergate Island

The River Ore

Into the Ashes

Shallow Sky

Coastal Walks

Grass Lands

Natures Reserve

As Dusk Falls

A 2018 extension of this series is here: Coastal Walks, 2018

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