Disposition of Light 2017 ~ Mark James Pullin

What is the journey? What is my search? All artists have this dilemma.
My journey is my emotions, which is my identity. I can only show this through my paintings. Once created, the images become a historical fingerprint of mood, frozen in time.
This series tries to let my impulses lead the way. This then sets the creative process to unlock within me. Given this weapon, pure feeling and emotion can develop onto the canvas.
The process of painting, for myself, is constantly one of self-criticism. This is my truth. It has to be authentic and sincere in order to show true individual identity.

"Painting is self discovery, every good artist should paint what he is" J. Pollock

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All Paintings here on Canvas – Mixed Media 2017


Aura Sky No.2

Blood on the Sands

Interrogation Room


Amongst the Chaos

The storms Inside

Freiston Shore

Oppressive Forces

Addressing the Ghosts

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