Lost Connections ~ Mark James Pullin

The world had changed around me, so much so that this collection of artwork was created almost unconsciously. Once again colour and the natural world, still in unison, was my saviour.
Instead of exposing the Pandemics grasp on the world, I continually and consciously chose to fight back with the beauty that our world still and forever will hold in abundance.
Pandemic or no pandemic, 'you can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from arriving'.
The lockdown have me space. I alone work in Silence, then the final outcome justifys itself.

Mark J Pullin

"The world today does not make sense to me, so why should I paint pictures that do"
~ Picasso

All Paintings Mixed Media on Canvas

"The Heart of Halios"

"Seaflowers and Coral"

"Lost Connections"

"Between the Sky and Sea"

"Winter Terrain"

"Chaos and Order"

"Winter's First Haze"

"A Higher Truth"

"Four Ravens"

"Autumn Lake"

"Winter's Warning"

"Tsunami Aftermath"

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