Eulogy of the Species ~ Mark James Pullin

Using nature and its many forms to express emotional energy. Man and nature are in conflict. Only a proportion of humans respect our world, the other proportion of humans seem to destroy the beauty of nature, either by conflict or by influencing our climate etc. The irony though is that 'Man' is nature, 'i am nature' quoting Pollock.....I want to explore this distance between the two points. As well as exploring the emotions, sensations, colour and shapes which can transcend to the viewer, through the art of nature and its beauty.

Mark J Pullin

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'Deep Blue Coral' Mixed Media on Canvas 2017
'Asylum' Mixed Media on Card 2017
'Gorgonian's' Mixed Media on Canvas 2017
'Moonlight the Waves' Oil on Canvas 2017
'Ancient Sunlight' Mixed Media on Card 2017
'The Battle for Stalingrad' Mixed Media on Canvas 2017
'Winter' Oil, Acrylic and Varnish on Canvas 2017
'Lagoon' Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 2017

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