Endless Odyssey ~ Mark James Pullin

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I imagined that I painted these images from above us all. Looking down towards our earth within the atmosphere.

At present, we are living in difficult times in our history. However, as if looking down from a satellite, we see that the planet is a most perfect, beautiful place through naked eyes. And of course this is true. But once again, I contradict the subject, to reveal the continuous human conflict on this earth but which can also emotionally affect us with its natural beauty. Unfortunately only a few can see what lies beneath....

Mark J Pullin

Ocean of Stars Mixed Media on Card

Atmosphere No.3 Mixed Media on Canvas

Aura Sky Oil, Pigment, Varnish and Gesso On canvas

Broken Sands Oil, and Mixed Media On canvas

Blue Terrain Oil and Mixed Media On canvas

Below the Stars Oil, Mixed Media On canvas

Habitat Oil, Mixed Media On canvas

Peace Before Conflict No.1 Oil on Paper

Peace Before Conflict No.2 Oil on Paper

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