Colour Within the Shadow ~ Mark James Pullin

"Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions" Picasso

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Shallows - Mixed Media on Canvas

This series of paintings, for me, is an extension of the Eulogy of the Species images. It is obvious to me that this progression towards the same theme has become more energetic, simplified and physical.

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Crystal Cave - Mixed Media and Varnish on Canvas

Still focused on mood, and using the colour of nature to describe my feelings, I am constantly looking for new ways to express and apply the paint and to push myself further.

Beauty by Default - Oil, Spray Paint and Varnish on Canvas

Tally the Casualties - Collage and Mixed Media on Canvas

Black Holes - Oil, Emulsion and Varnish On Canvas

Elara - Oil, Emulsion and Varnish on Canvas

Painting, or whatever art form, has to evolve or else it will become stagnant or simply (worse of all) the artist will repeat themselves thus learning nothing. A true artist must rebel and challenge themselves to progress and discover new ways of working, thus breaking boundaries.

Bleached Coral - Mixed Media on Canvas

Bleached Coral No.2 - Mixed Media on Canvas

But this is about man and nature and how my natural surroundings affect me. The colours I see promote my memories and feelings. But why? Why does this affect me? The colour of the night, a waterfall or a sunset impact on our mood and feelings every day.

The Wounds of Antarctica - Oil and Emulsion on Canvas

Ocean bed - Oil, Acrylic and Varnish on Card

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