Art: Susan Legind

Susan Legind
With my collages I say it all

What you see here is “ME”. My thoughts, my dreams and more than anything else my language. The way I express myself. So when people ask me why I did THIS and why I did THAT, I don’t know what to say. As to me I already said it all.

Susan Legind

Eve and the Animals

“Eve and the animals” is my personal comment to the story about Adam and Eve. I find Eve such an interesting person. She is curious and she doesn't hesitate to try something new...

Click to see the series/Click para ver la serie: "Eve and the Animals"

Table Stories

I’m a kind of story-teller…maybe more than collage-artist. These collage works are very different and made in different moments during the last 10 years. What they have in common is "The Table"...they all started with a TABLE!

Click to see the series/Click para ver la serie: Table Stories

The Human Race

Click to see the series/Click para ver la serie: The Human Race

Susan Legind Collage Videos

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About Susan Legind

I’m a danish/italian self-taught collage-artist, living and working in Rome/Italy.
I have done collage for all my life but seriously the last 10 years.

All my collageworks are traditional collage (Cut & paste) paper, glue and scissors.
I use all kind of paper for my works but manily magazines, fashion, arcitecture, garden and travel.

During the last 10 years I had 3 personal exhibitions in Rome and others are planned to come.

I published my works in:

Vision (China)
Fiori (indonesia)
Nasty (Italy)
Official (Greece)
White Sposa (Italy)
Riven Magazine, Satelite Magazine
Collaboration for the book “Thawt” (USA)
Kult (Italy)

Contact Susan Legind

Email: Sussielegind at
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