The Northern Forecast (A Retrospective) ~ Mark James Pullin

As we are slowly approaching the end of another year, here I have decided to select twelve photos that have influenced my paintings. These images are chosen from the beginning of the year to the present day.
My aim is to show how the landscape and my rural surroundings of my native land have effected my emotional state of mind. Reflecting also the ever changing light, texture and the earth's natural cycle.
To understand the unconditional beauty of the North that transcends onto my paintings.

Mark J Pullin

"Nature always wears the colours of the spirit"
~Ralph Waldo Emerson.

"Entrance to the Afterlife"

"Keep Moving No.2"

"Interlock Wall"

"Tree house No.2"

"The Mindful Tree"

"Celtic Lake"

"Richey's House"

"Heritage - Castle No.5"

"Llysfaen Revisited"

"A Gift from the Sun"

"No Way Back"

"Blue Landscape"

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