Conflicting Memories ~ Mark James Pullin

Forgotten paintings like dying flowers can be brought back to life, a fresh existence. Alive again. A beautiful rebirth

~As a painter I am constantly surrounded by discarded pieces of canvas, off-cuts, and general forgotten materials that I collect to eventually create a painting or collage, thus forming and creating another new identity. In a sense, I'm recycling and using past accidents by forming an image that I decided to keep and not throw away. After a while, observing the chaos on the studio floor, I suddenly build and create compositions from them. The Artist Frances Bacon once stated that 'Chaos breeds images'.
By using wasted and failed paintings that have been cut up and collected over time, I piece the discarded back together again. This gives the art a huge emotional sense of re birth which is recycled and reincarnated into a new image of beauty. Thus escaping the suffering, I am using the accident to my advantage.
In conclusion, the paintings become reinvented, re born, and evolved into a composition that satisfies me and my studies between man and nature.

Mark J Pullin

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Made of Stars
Under the Pacific
Echoes of Dust
Dying Rose
Red Canyons
Across the Lakes
Tiresome Nights

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