Colour Fractures ~ Mark James Pullin

This series focuses on Colour and it's ability to attach and heal when the soul is at it's lowest ebb.

Since being diagnosed which Unipolar Depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorder or (GAD), painting and the study of mark making has been my only allies to fight back. The daily struggle has become a personal war against fear and self doubt. However, no matter what I feel, depression will not steal my identity as a painter, or a colourist which is what the illness wants.

The colour techniques I use and apply to the surface are broken and therefore 'fractured'. It could almost be a metaphor for a broken mind. But the colours are strong and engulf me which enriches my soul and thus I am still fighting. It is a reminder for me that somewhere deep inside me there is still light and hope. And with each painting completed, a small battle has been won.

It is important to note that I still use the structure, form, and colours of nature as a point of reference.

Mark J Pullin

All paintings created by using Mixed Media on Paper 2017....

"A painting is not a picture of an experience, but is the experience" - Rothko.

'Sleep for the Harlequin'
'Summer Rain Dance'
'Evolved Erosion'
'Quartz Ocean'
'The Lovers'
'Crystal Sands'
'The Accident'
'Summer Scars'
'Colour Fractures'

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