Mark McGee ~ Reflections of New York

Realities. There are too many realities. Everybody has them. They compliment one another. They clash or simply cannot be in the same room together. This town's not big enough for so many realities. Some can't be seen with the naked eye, or not directly. Some are too obvious to be taken seriously, or too ridiculous to dismiss. My camera has its own realities. I sort through the photos it has allowed me to take and display them as the versions. The shards. The manipulations and experiments. The evidence.

Mark McGee

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Fifth Avenue (2017)

Soho (2017)

Times Square (2017)

The Face (2017)

Triangular reflection and sunglasses on a grey day in Soho. (2017)

Space for Rent. (2017)

Gotham. #2 (2017)

The Bystanders (2017)

Was it sometime in May? (2017)

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