Mark McGee ~ Hypnotically Your’s

I've had a close friend of mine call much of my art and photos "hypnotic" over the years. I suppose if one looks through one of my albums, especially quickly, a sort of hypnosis could set in. My work often includes many variations on a piece, plus some that may be seen as dreamlike. So, hypnotic is probably an apt description. And I rather like it, too.

Mark McGee

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Bus stop. 15th and 6th. (2017)

Vivica. (2017)

The day she realized that she never really knew him. (2017)

Beacon Theater Fire Escape Shadows. #2. (2017)

Times Square variation. (2017)

Times Square variation. (2017)

The Rat. (2017)

An Empty Room in Times Square. (2017)

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