Mark McGee ~ Octvember

"....When I'm working on photos, I very often make both color and black and white versions, but sometimes I'm curious to see what the work would look like with a different tint. I've used sepia or blue a lot. The title of the photo album, Octvember, is basically a combination of Autumn months. I've basically stuck to the colors of Autumn for it, as I chose to give the tinted photos an album of their own. It's been fun putting it together."

Mark McGee

Albany and Washington. (2019)

Lexington Avenue. (2019)

While on the Q Train to Coney Island, passing Edward R. Murrow

A small wasteland in the Sun. (2019)

Anna Sui. The Museum of Art and Design. #13. (2019)

Lot. Warren Street. (2019)

Along Lexington Avenue. (2019)

Eldorado Ticket Booth. (2019)

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