Mark McGee ~ Inside Out and Upside Down

....I'm always curious to see what the photos I take will look like inside out and upside down. Both, really. When I'm out walking, I may see a tangle of bicycles, or the way light from a restaurant plays on a sidewalk at night. Things that may seem random. Later, I manipulate the images. Sometimes strange shapes appear. Even faces. It's fun. There are possibilities for mayhem in the simplest objects and scenes, so I take the pictures as I go. I never know.

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Bicycle Rack Experiment (2017)

Lily (2017)

Smart Car Experiment (2017)

Time's Square (2017)

Subway Experiment (2017)

Midwood Girls (2017)

Monday morning. (2017)

The Beauty Syndrome (2017)

Saturday Morning (2017)

Time's Square Shadows (2017)

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