Mark McGee ~ Stranded in Infinity

....The title of this profile came to mind in Bushwick, while standing under the elevated subway line. It seems to stretch on forever in either direction. I suppose the title is also a bit of a metaphor. Imagine being stuck in a constant state of Wednesday. I often felt that way while taking the photos included in this profile. They were all taken in the days leading up to Christmas, which can be a melancholy time, filled with holiday songs either too cheery or somewhat bleak. I had no message at all here. I simply worked. The atmosphere reflects my mood as 2017 comes to a close.

Ambulance. (2017)

December Street. (2017)

Arriving L. 6th Avenue Station. (2017)

Stairs. Myrtle - Wyckoff Station. (2017)

It's the most wonderful time of the year. (2017)

A firetruck turns right, onto Knickerbocker, in no apparent hurry.

Shopping cart and bike rack shadows on an early Winter afternoon.

Approaching White Castle. (2017)

Urgent Dollar City. (2017)

8th Avenue Station. (2017)

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