Mark McGee ~ A Likely Story

....I'm in the middle of dreaming up my intro for the New Artist Profile in El Drama De Aly. I wake up at dawn, normally. I catch a bus, partly awake. On the bus, the world slides by as I head down Lexington Avenue, passing people who seem in an awful hurry to get to work late. I shoot them through the dirty bus window. Rush hour. If it's a new album of work, I may not have a title. Titles are important. Like the title of a movie. This title, A Likely Story, came to me out of desperation. It stuck. In the words of Ian Hunter, if I remember correctly,
"Once you have a title, the song will write itself."

I think he said that, anyway.

Mark McGee

Steam Pipe. Lexington Avenue. (2018)
Along West Street. #1. (2018)
10:45. (2018)
Tonight. (2018)
Bike Shadows. (2018)
Delivery Bikes. (2018)
Food Cart. Greenwich Avenue. (2018)
W.25th. (2018)
W.22nd and 7th. (2018)
Travellers with luggage cart. (2018)

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