Industry ~ Cash Mattock

~ These pieces were inspired by our perversion of industry. This perversion has become a mirror that shows us our blatant disinterest in the greater good. Everything including our humanity is for sale so now we live in a world where the line between flesh and steel has been blurred.

Cash Mattock

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Industry, especially with the start of the Industrial Revolution, has been a successful benchmark for society but most people can agree that there is a price that has been paid for this success. Every developmental advancement society makes is almost always followed by issues caused by sociological flaws we’ve held onto since the dawn of civilization. We don’t ever use enough foresight. It’s like we’re blind or maybe we choose to look the other way. Changes aren’t even considered until enough damage is done to justify them.

The Industrial Revolution strengthened the separation of the social classes and steered our focus away from things that were hand made. We’ll eventually reach a point in the manufacturing industry when we won’t need people at all. Making plans for worker reintegration hurts the bottom line too much for the self-centered shortsightedness of the industry machine. This is still the case even if record profits can be achieved in the long run. These decision makers are the same kind of people that used to think (or maybe still do) that deadly work conditions, child labor and slavery were okay.

We can’t have Art Deco without the dirt. There is no separation but we build shiny structures as a conquest to distract us from the people at the bottom. These structures are like false trophies that are supposed to make everyone think everything is just great. We spend money to build barriers along main highways to shelter our eyes from poor so they don’t spoil the view of the city skyline. It’s easier because there isn’t any interaction or involvement. We’re perfectly happy being detached and desensitized. Empathy has become scarce among the ones that have the money &/or the power to really make a difference.

Infrastructure makes our lives easier and helps countries run more efficiently but big money always has its nose in the decision making. Public transportation lost against the car companies so we have roads instead of monorails. We built thruways that destroy the landscape and bypass communities leaving them in the dust economically. We need more fossil fuel for the vehicles and oil for the asphalt. We have to drill in to that face of our planet and suck out everything we can burn converting it all into carbon dioxide. Everything we build to transport or extract fossil fuels are all accidents waiting to happen.

We are the machines until the machines can take our place. There is a small margin between how big companies treat machines and people. There is a concern for mental/physical stress but this concern varies wildly depending on the country and the law. Machines have a physical stress limit as well. We both require a maintenance plan and a plan for demise or retirement. The work cost of a person is always higher than that of a machine so people will always loose. The level of care that is given when a person is terminated is not that different than that of a machine. In some ways the economic appreciation for the soul is at an all time low.

We consistently have a lazy approach towards the preservation of our environment. Our track record is still laughable after regulation is put in place to monitor our environmental atrocities. With the leadership like the current U.S. administration it looks like it’s going to get worse before it gets better. For being the self proclaimed most intelligent species on the planet we are ridiculously stupid when it comes to the way we treat our environment.

Apparently we can’t do the right thing and make money at the same time. A person’s good honest day’s work is converted to physical or digital currency. A majority of that currency is funneled to an elite few that most of the time don’t even know what a good honest days work is. They’d rather spend a lot of that money to control the law so they can make even more money with less accountability instead of using it to pay respect to the people that generated it in the first place. Now let’s throw a war on top of all of this to really get the machine moving…

Your breath, your feel and your touch
are all part of mine
Your time, your life on my watch
is part of the design

I’ll take your nature
and replace it with me
Praise me as your savior
as I make you bleed
I’ve been around a hundred years

Your cares, your work and your dreams
are made inside of mine
Steel and chrome for flesh and bone
The ties that bind

You make me now I make you
and you let me lead
I’m your religion
and I’m your disease
I’ve been around a hundred years

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