Tropical Green and Indigo Jungle Woman ~ Mar Cantón

“Tropical green and indigo jungle Woman”

Texts: Poem by Nancy Farmer, "A Girl Named Disaster"

I am she who lifts the mountains
When she goes to hunt
Who wears mamba for a headband
And a lion for a belt.

I swallow elephants whole
And pick my teeth with rhinoceros horns,
I drink up rivers to get at the hippos.
Let them hear my words!
Nhamo is coming
And her hunger is great.

I am she who tosses trees
Instead of spears.
The ostrich is my pillow
And the elephant is my footstool!
I am Nhamo
Who makes the river my highway
And sends crocodiles scurrying into the reeds!

Poem by Nancy Farmer, "A Girl Named Disaster"

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