Beast Mistress ~ Dagmar Renée Ritter

Often the sight of a disturbing image is the trigger for a journey into the depths of someone´s psyche. The simple question: "Why does this image cause such strange feelings in me?" can be the ticket for a long-overdue journey into the unknown self.

However, most of the people are afraid of their own darkness, because they suppress rather than recognize the inner beast and may even fight against it, because the beast appears so great and dangerous in the dark chambers of the subconscious mind, where it seems to lurk. Read more about my paintings here.

Beast Mistress by Dagmar Renée Ritter

Beast Mistress ( Digital Painting)

This painting is a portrait of a wonderful Lady. She is a great animal lover. So in the center of her life there are animals at the first place. I dedicated the painting to her, I wanted to show her personality and surround her with mysticism. To show her in a more interesting way as a camera can do. Because there are all the things painted in the detail, which never can be seen on a simple Photo or a normal portrait painting but they are deep in her personality!

Magic Old Paper Roll ( Digital Painting)

There is magic in some old things. Especially yellowed paper tell stories. Not only the words and drawings on it, but also its smell and texture sends my imagination on a journey to a mystic history full of exciting and frightening events!

Hungry Zombie ( Digital Painting)

Voodoo and Zombies are simply fascinating. Although I have a more scientific and psychological idea of those topics, I must admit that I´m fascinated by the mystic appearance of Voodoo priests, goths and Zombies. As an atheist, I don't believe in that religion, but the mystic darkness of it impresses me very much!

Lady Death At The Magic Winter Gate To Netherworld ( Digital Painting)

It was close to Christmas and I had the strong desire to do a “Gothic Christmas Picture“, or better said, a “Gothic Winter Picture“. I put my love for winter snow nights and cozy, warm candle light in it. It's so wonderful to watch the warm flames of candles while cold snow is falling outside. When Christmas is near, many of the nice memories come to my mind from my childhood, with my dear parents and grandparents and the whole family coming together at the family celebration. And last but not least, there must be a Grim Reaper. In this case a “Lady Death” in times of gender terms. Maybe she is the Grim Reaper who took my family from me and is now waiting for me and the rest of my people. I admit this is a sad idea, but on the other hand, it's my black humor that makes me smile about it. That´s life! As it is said: laughing is the best way to show your teeth to the hardness of life!

Little Evil Bastard ( Digital Painting)

Evil appears in any form and hides in innocently looking bodies. You can see that in many horror films; the effect is often a great surprise. But I don’t show that fact in a religious way. I want to show that a bad character, hatred and madness, can be found in any human being. Even a child or a friendly looking old Lady can be mean. That has nothing to do with demons, it’s just a fragment of their character. I always try to look behind the mask to see the real person!

Gargoyle ( Digital Painting)

This was a commission work for a sun protection screen of the back window of a car. Because the car has the word Paris in its name, the owner wanted the Eiffel Tower in the painting. There should be something strange and wild in it. But in times of terrorist attacks at public places, neither of us wanted any connection to this theme with that project. It should only be a creepy and funny sun screen.
So I had the idea of the hole in the window, which the gargoyle smashed with a simple model of the Eiffel Tower. It should look as if the window may break with the next stroke and the Gargoyle could jump off the car.

Medusa Behind The Leaves ( Digital Painting)

Medusa is a fascinating mystic figure that appears in different forms again and again in my artworks. She is beautiful, impressive and frightening at the same time. From time to time, new ideas about her keep coming to my mind, so I feel forced to update my fantasy about her with new paintings or sculptures!

Rotten Family Tree ( Digital Painting)

The idea for this picture was on the one hand a word game and on the other, a reflection about unquestioned family traditions and insanity because of incest, especially in historic aristocrat families. Also, the idea that every family seems to have one or more rotten branches, inspired me to this strange painting.

Snake Skull ( Digital Painting)

First there was the idea to do a snake skull, but it should be in a style you don't always see. Second, I wanted to use it as kind of an emblem for my print designs like handbags, backpacks, clothes and so on. And third it should come out of my fantasy in my personal style!

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