Baphomet ~ Dagmar Renée Ritter ~ Dark Art Digital Painting

Baphomet, Dark Art Digital Paintings by: Dagmar Renée Ritter

Baphomet (Digital Painting)

Baphomet is a fascinating mystic figure. That inspires people again and again!
The origin of this Symbol is unknown, but it is said that the knights of the temple worshiped it! Originally, he was painted or sculpted with two red gemstones as eyes.

It's so interesting that this figure is seen as a pagan God! It is the good and the evil at the same time and it's also human and demon, woman and man. But ultimately, it became a symbol for the manifestation of the evil, even the devil himself.

So, it came that Baphomet is found until today in literature and fine art! This combination of beauty and evil will further inspire artists of the future.

Believe it or not, I think as a dark art artist it is almost a must, to cover this topic at least one time in your Life!

Read more about my paintings here.

The Zombie Werewolf And His Victim (Digital Painting)

After painting a hungry Zombie, the fascination of Voodoo and Zombies and all that dark mystical stories was still in my mind.

Although I first wanted to paint just the legendary werewolf, I wanted to raise this legend to a stranger level. So suddenly one night (Often I have the best ideas in the inspiring silence of the night!) the image of a "Zombie Werewolf" appears in front of my inner eye.

Not caring whether there are legends about "Zombie Werewolves" I just wanted to tell that strange story in form of a picture, which came to my mind. I liked the idea and hope one or the other Dark Art lover enjoys it too!

Skeleton Spider (Digital Painting)

Being in the clutches of the "Skeleton Spider", a beautiful Lady fights for her life somewhere in an undefined cave full of mist. This could be a scene of a horror film.

But by extracting this scene I want it to be understood as a symbol of primordial fear! Fears which seem to sit in the genes of many people. Naturally Snakes and Spiders can be dangerous, but we know also that not all of these animals are really harmful for us. We have the intellectual knowledge that lets us divide between the poison ones and the harmless ones.

For me this is a Symbol for senseless and non-reflected fears. Also, the fear and hate many people feel for other human beings with another skin color or coming from another country. I always appeal to the intelligence of people to become not a victim of their prejudices, but take a closer look and divide between evil and harmless! If people understand that their often-senseless fear is the reason for their prejudices, then they can start to fight against it!

So, I confront the beholder with his deepest fears and hope it makes him think about the reasons of this anxiety! And if it helps only one person to stop racism, it is a success for me!

The Rebel Worm Under The Eye of Argus (Digital Painting)

The topic of this picture is dedicated to all those unknown heroes that have the courage to stand up against social wrongs and fascistic regimes all over the world, in the past, present and the future!

The Insane, Brainwashed Smile of the Terrorist, Willing to Die for Slaughtering the Unbelievers (Digital Painting)

I think the title of the picture say everything about the idea behind it.

This painting shows my deep disgust for people who think they have the right to force other human beings to join their political and religious conviction!

In my eyes this attitude is insane and inhuman. Or shall I better say, typical human, as history taught us, repetitive?!

Demon Ornament (Digital Painting)

As the title says it is a dark demoniacal idea, expressed in an Ornament!

Gothic Cross (Digital Painting)

Gothic Crosses are so beautiful and to design one is like making a jewelry. Because you can print it on accessories like bags or on boxes and anything you want to turn into a Gothic style element!

And exactly that was the reason why I painted it. I colored a box in black and wanted to print a picture on cotton in order to fix it on the top of the box. But naturally I wanted to have my one design on it. So I simply painted it.

And now, I will give it away for prints on various goods for everyone who loves Gothic crosses, as I do!

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