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Born in Catanzaro(1962-Italy) where he lives and works. Claudio Parentela is an illustrator, painter, photographer, mail artist, cartoonist, collagist, journalist freelance. Active since many years in the international contemporary art scene. He has collaborated and still collaborates with many, many zines, magazines of contemporary art, literary and of comics in Italy and in the world. During 1999 he was a guest of the BREAK 21 FESTIVAL in Ljubliana (Slovenja).

His obscure & crazy artworks are present &shown in many, many art galleries in the endless web...and then again at:
• “GIRASOLE”(Villa Basilica)¶ ’
• ’TABULA RASA” (Barcellona) Vahagnartgallery
• “La Casa Di Tolleranza” (Milan)
• “La Cueva-No Art Gallery” (Milan)
• Spazio Aurora(Milan)
• Forte Prenestino(Rome)
• Andenken Gallery(USA)
• Skorie Industriali (Rome), at the MUKY (Faenza), in Turin with the Association “Mind The Gap”
• The “Pina Gallery” (Koper)
• “Diesel Gallery” (NY)
• the “METAVERSO” (Rome)
• the”Virtual Shoe Museum”
• “Little Cakes Gallery” (NY) at the”Interzona”(Verona)
• “Trainside Gallery” (Haverhill, USA)
• “Blah Blah Gallery” (U.S.A.) at “Scaremongering Gallery” (USA)
• “Sage Club” (Berlin)
• “Panda Club” (Pistoia)
• Creativa2006(Rignano sull’Arno-FI-Italy, CAM_Casoria Contemporary Art Museum (Casoria, NA, Italy)
• “Cultural Association EKIDNA(Carpi-MO-Italy)- at Glowinski’s' Library(Olesnica-PL), “Da Marisa Gallery”XM 24(Bo-Italy),
• “Blog on Arthur Rimbaud” 2 shows at the Castello di Rivara, near Torino, and at the the San Carpoforo church, place of the Accademia d’Arte di Brera in Milano
• “Tenax” (Firenze)
• “Teatro Studio” di Scandicci (Firenze)
• the Libreria Segnalibro of Ferrara (with the show”Tarocchi Evoluti” organized by the Associazione Hermatena)
• “Ambasciata di Marte (Florence)”
• “Klyk” (Firenze)
• “The Wurst Gallery” (Portland-U.S.A.)- at Red Labels(Toronto-Canada)
• Centre for Graphic Arts HogeDRUKgebied(Rotterdam-NL)
• Galerija DLUM(Maribor-SI)
• “Achab”(Catania) and at all the other sicilian stops of the show”SognoDiSegni”,at Artitude Gallery(Paris),at “Zo Cafè”(Bologna),at the show” the show”CHILDREN NO MORE”(Bari-Italy),” at the Barcode(San Benedetto del Tronto-Italy)
• Circolo Culturale Bertold Brecht(Milano-Italy), NO.HUMAN.NO.CRY (Monza-IT)
• Atkinson Art Gallery (Southport UK)
• “DYNAMO” (Milano-Italy)
• the show”Arredi Digitali” in San Benedetto Del Tronto and at the shows that GRAPHOLA has organized and continues to organize at “Leave Your Fingerprints” organized by the friend Mimmo Manes&UBQ
• “Fira Magica de Santa Susanna” (Spain)
• “GUAPOPO Gallery” (Spain)
• “Sechiisland's Micro Gallery” (Brasil)
• “Museum of Porn in Art” (Zurich), Cranky Yellow (Saint Louis, MO-US)
• “Hoody Art Gallery” (London-UK)
• “Black Maria Gallery (LA-USA)
• “Third Drawer Dawn(Australia) at" Green Art Fair Miami 08" 3rdthought
• “Umber Studios” (Minneapolis-USA)
• “Zoccoletti e Zoccolette” (BIOKIP GALLERY @ Pervinca OpenSpace-Milan-It)
• “The Woom Gallery” (Birmingham-UK)-SPAZIO ARKA (Assemini centro (CA),”SUBject Festival”(Bologna-It), CeC 2009 Uttarakland (India)
• “I MALEDETTI DEL ROCK ITALIANO” (Palazzo del Podestà,Città di Castello-IT), “Human Emotion Project” (Brancaleone, Rome It), “Ocho Delicate Nature” (Milan-It), “Ocho global group exhibition & book” (Barcelona-Spain)
• the “Mezzanine”collective show curated by Chillin's Productions (San Francisco-U.S.A.), “®out 3ª Mostra Internacional d'Art Urbà Publicitari”(Barcelona-Spain), “Inspiration Art Exhibition 3” (Tel Aviv-Israel)
• “Phobia” collective show at the ”Gallery '101'” (Kaunas-Lithuania)
• The ”#2AdunanzAutogestitArtisti” (CasalBertone -Rome-IT)
• The Italian Institute of Culture (London-UK)

He does a lot of mail art and he participates in all the mail art projects he knows.
He has collaborated and he collaborates with many bands of industrial music, noise, experimental & electronic, harsh & death & metal gore punx.
He has illustrated poems and stories & music of Gavin Burrows, Harry Wilkens, Vittorio Baccelli, Claudio Morici, Alberto Rizzi, Cristiano Quadalti, Shannon Colebank, Gary Sneyd, Robert Smith, Michael Kriesel, Mark Sonnenfeld, Nathan Medema, Richard D.Houff, drawn together for & with Maurizio Bianchi M.B, Elvi Athan, Marcel Herms, Kapreles, for various publishers he has realized some booklets of illustrations and comics:
• Il Ratto Bavoso”
• “L’Incubo Dimezzato” (Innovation Studio-B.G.A.Comix-Italy)
• “Fashion Robot” (David Lasky-Seattle-USA)
• “L’Agnello Sacrificale e la Salamandra Impiccata al Patè 666
• “(Medicina Nucleare-Italy)
• “Storie”(Progetto Siderurgiko-Italy)
• “Eudemoni”and”Piccola Trilogia Nera
• “(Poems of Alberto Rizzi and of Cristiano Quadalti with Claudio Parentela’s illustrations -Criatu Prod.-Italy)
• “Jeanne Dark You Got Balls” and “The Frogs’ Ballet” (Self-produced)
• “Black Kisses and Other Stories”, and “The Book of Secrets” (La Cafetiere Editions-Belgium)
• “Endless Tongue “(texts of Richard D. Houff and Claudio Parentela’s illustrations -The Benway Institute-USA)
• “Else Beds” (Claudio Parentela’s illustrations and poems of Nathan Medema-JesusBunny Press-Canada)
• “The Savage Soldier” (Luca Menichini Prod.-Italy)
• “Derrumbe” ( Valter Casini Ed.-Italy)
• “Matter Ballet” (Claudio Parentela’s illustrations and poems of Michael Kriesel-BoneWorld Publishing-USA)
• “Social Reform” (poems of Shannon Colebank and Claudio Parentela’s illustrations-Whizzbanger Prod.-USA)
• “Le Miopi Della Montagna”(Underground-Press-Italy)
• “The Weak Cuckoo” (Gran Negro Publisher-Spain).

He has drawn 2 tarots for “Tarocchi Evoluti” (published by Associazione Hermatena-Italy) and always Hermatena Publishers has published his new tarots' decks “I Tarocchi dell'Iride” and “I tarocchi Dell’Archetipo Blu”.

More information about Claudio Parentela on his website:

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